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Estate Planning, Trusts & Succession

Make your wishes clear with help from our dedicated private client lawyers. Whether you are aiming to protect family assets, navigate cross-border tax issues or benefit a cause close to your heart, we will discuss your priorities, advise on options and put a plan in place.

We have been acting for successful people and their families for more than a century. We work with families down the generations, and we know how important succession planning is to them.

Nobody feels particularly excited at the prospect of making a will, but once it's complete you can feel reassured that you have certainty as to what will happen to your family and assets in the future. We always take a bespoke approach, helping you to structure your wills and trusts according to your particular needs and objectives. You may for example wish to give to charity in a tax-efficient way, or to prevent the next generation from inheriting too much, too soon. We can also help to create structures to protect family assets from creditor or divorce claims against heirs.

The law on succession varies enormously from country to country, but with 150 lawyers worldwide concentrating on this area, we can offer sophisticated advice on how to minimize taxes and risk, while maximizing flexibility for the family. This may involve lifetime gifts, living wills, post-mortem estate planning and inter-generational transfer of wealth.

Our team includes recognized leaders in UK and US tax and estate planning, elder law, probate, landed estates, philanthropy and trusts. We have a particular strength in issues related to the UK and US, with a team which has one of the largest number of US-qualified lawyers in London, as well as a presence in Hong Kong and Singapore. In addition, we have lawyers qualified in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan; lawyers well-versed on Italian succession; and Russian lawyers, who frequently advise families from Asia, Russia and the CIS.

Lifetime planning

A common goal of lifetime planning is to pass on assets in an orderly way and to minimize any inheritance tax burden. Whether you wish to make lifetime gifts in the form of money, real estate, shares, artwork or other assets, we can advise on how to do so in a tax-efficient way. Good lifetime planning can also ease the succession process and certain structures can be created to assist with this. It is also our job to stress-test your lifetime planning to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises later on. 

Estate Tax Assistance and Compliance: Minimizing Tax Burdens

Beyond estate administration, our lawyers advise clients on tax-related activities for businesses, individuals, and estates. Our services include transfer tax minimization planning, representation in estate tax law controversies, and a comprehensive range of post-mortem planning strategies.

Dispute Resolution: Resolving Complex Matters


Collaborating with dispute resolution lawyers, we strive to achieve optimal results through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods, representing individuals, family businesses, charitable organizations, educational institutions, banks, and trust companies.

Tax-Exempt Organizations: Comprehensive Legal Support

Our team assists various tax-exempt entities, including U.S. or international charities, family or corporate foundations, educational institutions or organizations, professional associations, religious organizations, and more. Our team is proficient in the specialized and complex laws pertaining to these organizations and has experience relating to corporate governance issues and high-profile case settlement. We routinely advise tax-exempt clients on matters such as:


  • Wealth protection and transfer

  • Federal, state, and local tax laws

  • Corporate governance and transactions

  • Nonprofit asset management

  • Charitable and planned giving

  • Charitable solicitation

  • Estate administration

  • Business coordination issues

  • Bequest capture

  • Intellectual property

  • Real estate

Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions for a Changing World


In today's dynamic landscape, effective wealth management requires a proactive, client-centered approach and a deep understanding of the complex challenges individuals, families, and organizations face. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your unique needs, backed by expertise and a commitment to safeguarding and enhancing your financial interests. Let our trusted team guide you through the evolving world of wealth management with confidence and peace of mind.

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