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Probate & Estate Administration

At a time of loss, it is important to avoid a protracted administrative process. Our leading lawyers offer a seamless international service, helping families, executors and trustees to handle even the most complex estates and head off potential issues.

Image by Sandy Millar

We have acted for many generations of executors, trustees and beneficiaries to distribute assets in an efficient and sensitive way.

At this difficult time for families, we see it as our role to make the process as smooth as possible.

Our size and global reach mean that we are able to project manage very complex estates. Where property and family members are spread across different jurisdictions, where there are disputes, tax issues or other complications, the probate team routinely consults with colleagues in other departments and countries to offer sophisticated and practical advice.

Services include drafting applications for grants of representation so that if necessary, you can manage assets before probate is completed, and coordinate different tax regimes to avoid 'double tax' on your inheritance. We can also act as executors and trustees, either individually or through WITCO, our UK trust corporation.

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