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At Arroyo | McArdle, we take pride in providing personalized, expert legal services that empower our clients to make informed decisions and protect their interests. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

Image by Iñaki del Olmo

"I am impressed by Erik’s legal knowledge and most importantly the diversity of his legal expertise. So many attorneys have a narrow expertise and they commonly do not see the big picture. If you have a business transaction or estate planning issue would be one attorney with which I would recommend you consult."

- Erik G. 

Image by Iñaki del Olmo

Gayle Williams, FL

"Attorney Erik Arroyo impressed me with his clear-headed representation of my company in a payment dispute. He was direct, responsive, and effective. My peace of mind was restored. He has my trust."

Stefan Campagna, FL

"Professional and courteous, I utilize Erik's services when my client's need business and/or estate help."

Matthew Voss, FL

"Erik is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of his practice and further more he is a pleasure to work with and is always professional."
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Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

"Whenever a legal issue comes up, my first call is to Erik Arroyo. I know he always has my back. He has provided me with valuable legal advice more times than I can count. I recommended Attorney Erik Arroyo to my sister and he helped to save her business. We have both found Attorney Erik Arroyo to be extremely competent, caring and dedicated. He truly goes above and beyond to help his clients. If there's an issue outside his expertise, he'll tell you...and offer to connect you with someone who can help. You can be confident he'll always have your best interests at heart."

- Jane R.

"Thank you Erik for assisting me with my legal needs and making everything seem so effortless!"

Dr. Shane Golday, Florida

Image by Álvaro Serrano
"Erik is smart and offers sound legal counsel. I would highly recommend him!

Derek Stottlemeyer, Florida

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